Avgvst + Protey Temen

The collaboration between a visual artist and a jewellry brand lead to exploration of the space and size. Space Atlas collection is dedicated to the results of the observation of the minute and supersized particles performance inside and outside their bodies. The collection was created by Protey Temen, Moscow contemporary artist, the author of the

Filo Deconstructed Lamp

During his creative process for Filo, designer Andrea Anastasio became inspired by the idea of deconstructing the traditional lamp form. By separating individual pieces that comprise it – the light source, the base, decoration elements and electrical wiring – Anastasio brought out each part’s own structural and aesthetic characteristics. Filo comes from the desire to

Atelier Peter Fong

Nesting in the structure of an old residential complex in Guangzhou, China, architecture practice LUKSTUDIO redeveloped a vacant storefronts in the name of Atelier Peter Fong. The Shanghai studio creatively used the space to bring life to a cafe, a meeting room, a lounge and a barnstorming area. The irregular columns and dividers simultaneously open and close