Vanda Jacintho

Brazilian designer and former fashion editor Vanda Jacintho has just launched her High Summer collection. Jacintho draws on her childhood in Brazil to create statement jewellery with intriguing architectural dimensions, echoing the tropical surroundings of her family’s farm in the Pantanal wetlands region. Brazilian colours emanate from her iconic graphic printed dresses, the combination of striking colours and fine materials with avant-garde details create chic, effortless pieces with a summer-inspired twist.

The jewellery is embellished, chunky and oversized consisting of artistic earrings, statement cuffs and chokers that are ideal for wearing alongside both minimalist and extravagant clothing. Every piece in the collection is sustainably crafted by artisans in the country using ethically sourced materials – hand-carved mahogany, smooth resin and Italian silk – to showcase sculptural proportions and vivid hues. Jacintho’s designs are graphic showstoppers in their own right that demand both attention and appreciation in equal measure and prove the centrepiece of any given look.