The Unfinished Paintings of Charles Rosenthal

Axel Vervoordt Gallery presents the complete cycle of paintings created in 1999 showing the room installation of white constructions, which are elements from the last proposed unfinished exhibition by Kabakov avatar and invented character Charles Rosenthal.

Conceived as part of the large body of works within the oeuvre, The Alternative History Of Art – The Unfinished Paintings Of Charles Rosenthal / Room No. 6, the exhibition is part of a collected, invented revisionist history given to us as a way of reading the Kabakovs’ complex imagination that rewrote art history from the end of the last century through to the end of Stalin, as a parable.

These reductive, minimalist structures fill the space like works of sculpture, and whether the history of their creation is known, the impact, the pale calmness of their order offers the viewer the opportunity to contemplate time, emptiness, presence, and absence in a way that the Kabakovs singularly understand. This subject is central to all of this work, but it’s presented here without subterfuge. It exposes the core belief in art as a primary experience and the beating heart of this aesthetic vision. At the time Ilya Kabakov began to envisage his Alternative History of Art, he was exiled from Russia for a little more than a decade.

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