The Hut

This delightful 600 square foot cabin was designed and built by the director of Midland Architecture; Greg Dutton and his brother Chris, as a retreat from the city for the family. The entire construction process took the brothers only nine months and was documented on Discovery Network’s Building off the Grid Series. It is quietly camouflaged into the surrounding woodland of the Dutton family farm in the Ohio Valley, which was once part of a strip mine but since the family purchased the land in 1981 it has slowly been reclaimed by grassland, forest and lakes.

Designed for the peace of mind; The Hut exudes Nordic simplicity and functionality within the internal and external design of the cabin, with custom furnishing to maximise the modest floor space of the home. Externally, it is clad with cedar shingles and sits atop a high bank overlooking the lake, suspended on minimalist foundations of concrete piers. The interior does not stray far from the cabin’s natural surroundings with Eastern Pine flooring and white painted lap paneling on the walls. Upon entering into the space a soaring deciduous panorama is revealed from the floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch across the entire wall of the main open-plan living space. 

The brothers wanted to create a space that was constructed using traditional techniques with simple materials that were used economically and environmentally. The entire space is entirely self sufficient, powered by solar energy and collected rainwater. The result is an architecture that celebrates craft, attention to detail and the beautiful site that it is located on, whilst creating a warm and intimate environment for the family.

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