The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities

The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities is designed by 3D printing innovation studio; Emerging Objects. This project brings many of Emerging Object’s material, software, and hardware experiments together to demonstrate the architectural potential of additive manufacturing on a weather-tight, structurally sound building. 

The cabin was designed as a solution for Bay Area’s housing shortage after the city loosened the rules about accessory dwellings in backyards. The front facade of this gabled-roof building is made up of the studio’s Planter Tile system, consisting of hexagon-shaped tiles some of which contain protrusions to hold a range of tiny plants, transforming the facade into a garden wall.

The rest of the building is clad in 3D printed ceramic seed stitch tiles which act as a rain screen for the building. Internally, the studio has installed their Chroma Curl wall, which is composed of back-lit translucent tiles made of bioplastic. At night the interior is illuminated by LEDs that lie behind these walls transforming the Cabin into a beacon of light. This project demonstrates how 3D printing can be beautiful, meaningful and well-crafted to create a platform for alternative and sustainable architecture.