KODA House

The KODA House provides a new way of thinking about how we can live our lives through prefabricated modular architecture, in the face of UK’s housing crisis. This 25-square-metre micro house was conceived by Kodasema, and aims to instigate a movement of self-built architecture that encourages better use of empty land plots. In particular, the units are designed to act as temporary housing on sites which are left untouched for years during planning stages. All units are free-standing, allowing them to be disassembled and reused easily, as erecting or relocating the house does not require any extensive digging or laying of foundations, all it needs is a level footing and connection points for water, electricity and sewerage. 

Living in a KODA House is neither a drain on the environment nor on you. With solar panels on the roof, KODA returns more power to the grid than it uses. Inside, it has smart-home controls including alarms, adjustable LED lighting and climate control. The walls are made from thin, vacuum-insulated concrete that help keep the space warm or cool depending on the season, as well as insulating against noise.

Although small, its minimalist and functional design results in a spacious and comfortable apartment. Each one has a full-height quadruple-glazed window at the front, providing a luminous atmosphere internally, which lifts the mind and soul. The high ceilings help make the space feel that much bigger, containing an open plan lounge, toilet and kitchen at ground level and a mezzanine bedroom. This layout enables the KODA house to be used for accommodation, cafes, offices, workshops, studios or classroom spaces. With its varied functionality KODA villages can be quickly set up using the desired number of KODAs with modular terrace, piping, infrastructure and greenery solutions, to transform unused urban space into prime quality living areas.