Hilary Mayo

London based ceramic artist Hilary Mayo specialises in hand building techniques, focusing on the vessel form, texture and surface decoration. The sculptural pieces that Mayo creates are constructed with finely rolled slabs of stoneware clay. Subtly manipulated walls form a canvas on which multiple layers of glaze, oxide or stain are applied resulting in a unique finish to every piece.

Mayo is currently inspired by the Icelandic landscape, using the clay as a canvas to produce abstract impressions of observation and experience. Her two bodies of work ‘Topography of a Landscape’ and ‘Narrative Series’ are informed by Icelandic beauty, demonstrating the artist’s response to its changing and fragile environment.

In particular, the work is a reflection of the effects of climate change clearly evident in Iceland’s topography. The undulating walls of the pieces reflect the outline of melting pools of snow. Black glazed vessels refer to the expanding of the expanse of volcanic rock, while the white glazed vessels represent shrinking ice caps.

See more on here website – hilarymayo.com

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