Fold Series

Originally created by Olivier Gregoire for luxury fashion house Acne Studios as a limited edition, this set of seats comprising of a chair, a stool and a bench has been adapted by Olivier to fit the constraints of mass production. Created entirely out of fibreglass and available in raw, white, or black finishes, the aptly named Fold furniture has an incredibly organic look and feel.

Due to the fibreglass material, these pieces of furniture are robust and durable, allowing them to be used both indoor and outdoor. As Olivier himself so beautifully describes, these graphical pieces are a hymn to delicacy.

Olivier’s international career lead him to consult and develop projects for established brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Panasonic L’Oreal and Lacoste. He is currently Principal Industrial Designer at Bay area-based consumer electronic company Logitech. Parallel to his work at Logitech, Olivier collaborates with design partners to create furniture, lighting, and exhibition designs. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Europe as well as showcased at the MoMA New York.

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