Joseph FW19

At the end of last year Susana Clayton was announced as the next creative director of British brand Joseph. In her first collection for the house, she embraced the brand’s origins and realigned them with the founder’s vision, creating a balance between fashion and a timeless wardrobe of luxury essentials.

931 Bag by Rams

Dieter Rams is well known for laying down some of the seminal principles of functional design, his ‘less is more’ style being credited as a heavy influence on Apple’s aesthetic. In 1963, Rams designed a handbag for his wife, a one-off departure from the industrial style for which he is famous. Rams’ 931 bag was

Slava Varsovia

Founded by Anna Szydlowska, Polish design label have been designing bags and accessories since 2013. Inspired by the climate, contexts and emotions of Slavic culture, their luxury bags are hand-made by local artisans in central Poland. The natural creamy-rose tones of their latest collection contrasted with sleek geometric lines emphasise Szydlowska’s capability of conveying the