The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities

Emerging Objects is a studio that specialises in innovations in 3D printing architecture and building components. The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities brings many of Emerging Object’s material, software, and hardware experiments together to demonstrate the architectural potential of additive manufacturing on a weather-tight, structurally sound building.

KODA House

The KODA House provides a new way of thinking about how we can live our lives through prefabricated modular architecture, in the face of UK’s housing crisis. This 25-square-metre micro house was conceived by Kodasema, and aims to instigate a movement of self-built architecture that encourages better use of empty land plots.

The Hut

This delightful 600 square foot cabin was designed and built by the director of Midland Architecture; Greg Dutton and his brother Chris, as a retreat from the city for the family. The entire construction process took the brothers only nine months and was documented on Discovery Network’s Building off the Grid Series.

Atelier Peter Fong

Nesting in the structure of an old residential complex in Guangzhou, China, architecture practice LUKSTUDIO redeveloped a vacant storefronts in the name of Atelier Peter Fong. The Shanghai studio creatively used the space to bring life to a cafe, a meeting room, a lounge and a barnstorming area. The irregular columns and dividers simultaneously open and close

Room On The Roof

The Room On The Roof is located in the tower of the historic building on Dam square, a unique spot in the historic heart of the city. Together with the Rijksmuseum, de Bijenkorf has invited national and international artists to work on their projects in the studio, ranging from performances, poetry, product design and light