Foscarini Aplomb XL Lamp

In 2013, Foscarini created the Aplomb, a funnel shaped pendant made from concrete, a reaction to then increasing use of industrial materials in architecture and design. Designed by Studio Lucidi and Pevere, this piece was the result of experimentation by experienced artisans into the fluidity of the concrete in order to execute the clean design

Zuza Mengham x Lab Perfumes

Zuza Mengham’s ‘Sculpting Scent’ is an experiment which attempts to visually translate five fragrances from Laboratory Perfumes, namely Amber, Gorse, Samphire, Tonka and Atlas. These pieces take the form of resin sculptures, a medium which by means of layers of various colours, textures and formations, has enabled the artist to perfectly represent the complex olfactory

Slava Varsovia

Founded by Anna Szydlowska, Polish design label have been designing bags and accessories since 2013. Inspired by the climate, contexts and emotions of Slavic culture, their luxury bags are hand-made by local artisans in central Poland. The natural creamy-rose tones of their latest collection contrasted with sleek geometric lines emphasise Szydlowska’s capability of conveying the